In our Terms & Conditions we will ensure that the university has access to my current contact information for the duration of the Program and until my academic records from the Program are posted At the end, I will:

a. Maintain my permanent contact information and  making updates as necessary.

b. Provide my contact details abroad (address, email, and phone numbers) through my online Program application.

Course Registration.

I must maintain enrollment in the minimum number of university credits required by the Program. If I withdraw from any study abroad program course(s), leaving me with fewer than the required number of credits, I will be violating the terms of participation in the Program and may be dismissed from the Program

Legal Issues.

I am aware that the laws, rights and privileges of the United States may not apply to me while I am living or traveling overseas. I am subject to the laws of the Program country and those countries in which I will be living or traveling during my participation in the Program and I agree to abide by those laws.

Risks of Study Abroad.

 I am aware of and understand the risks and dangers of travel to, in, and around the Program country, including but not limited to the dangers to my own health and personal safety posed by the use of public transportation, and by civil unrest, political instability, terrorism, crime, violence, and disease. Prior to departure I will review the country Consular Information and the Centers for Disease Control information applicable to travel to, in and around the Program country.

Governing Law.

 I agree that if there is a dispute concerning my participation in the Program or the interpretation of this Agreement, any such disagreement shall be determined in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas.