Study in italy

Education system in Italy

The University of Bologna is one of the oldest universities in Italy since 1088. During middle age Italy is known for some of oldest universities. Italy study played a fundamental role in reforming of higher education and the reform came to be known as Bologna Process.

How to apply?

The process for studying in Italy is very simple steps are shown below:

Search for study program which you want to study.

Be aware of the fact that you are meeting all the requirements.

Try to acquire and learn the Italian language.

Check financial resources.

Apply for admission accordingly.

Obtain Italian student visa.

Search for accommodation.

Candidate can then enroll in the particular university.

Why learn Italian language?

Studying Italian language is not mandatory for applying for study in Italy this is because most of degree programs are taught in English. While it is advised to learn basic Italian as it will be very effective in communication and in interaction with others student can build better network and connection among locals. Specially for students when it comes to finding part time jobs.

Why choose Italy as a best Schengen state for higher studies?

Italy student visa rejection rate; Lowest for Pakistani students specially from Sindh and Baluchistan region. Italy visa success rate; Highest and  above 90% or above for Pakistani students as compare to any other Schengen states, Australia, Canada, UK, USA etc.

Upon availability of one year multiple entry student visa, both options for either online study in home country or psychical entry in Italy are available.

Full scholarships are widely available with HSC / D.A.E above 60% or 4 years graduate with min 2.5 CGPA or above.

Italy student visa interview questions:

Generally there are less chances for interview call. But we can prepare for an interview prior to any interview call. Admissions slots in Public University now currently open for September 2021 intake. Study in Italy in English language medium in most of the public / state universities. Study without IELTS (for Sindh / Baluchistan region only) provided that the Italian university doesn’t require it.